Caregiver Agency

Caregiver Agency

Our caregiver agency finds you the best elderly care

Nannies Inc caregiver agency can assist you in finding the right live in caregiver. We make sure they have the necessary skills and experience to look after your loved ones.

It’s important to remember that a person looking for a live in caregiver must trust the caregiver agency to provide the live in caregiver that qualifies for the job. It is important that the live in caregiver to the family of the person they will be working with. Patience is essential whether you’re looking for a live in caregiver. Applicants need to show the kind of emotional stability that dealing with older people can demand. Of course there are other positive traits our live in caregiver should exhibit in order to be chosen by Nannies Inc caregiver agency.

Record important information

With older folks, it’s essential that mental and medical functions be recorded so that the family and medical personnel can keep track of any changes. Our caregiver agency helps find caregivers that can be trusted with this type of work.

The ability to administer medications

Caregiver jobs in across Canada require that successful applicants multitask. Part of that means successful caregivers will have the ability to carry out some medically related functions. Having the ability to work independently is another positive attribute to have for caregiver applicants. Our caregiver agency helps you to get eldercare who is qualified to work with the elderly individual.

The ability to assist with hygiene and dressing

It’s quite often the case that people nearing the end of the lives need special help making that part of their journey as compassionate as possible. A client’s dignity is important to our caregiver agency and we hire staff that understand and are happy to assist where need be.

Of course applicants for caregiver need to have all the proper documentation when they come from overseas. Understanding and complying with the process involved increases anyone’s chances of success. This is a main aspect our caregiver agency helps with. Both federal and local requirements need to be met and an Employer-Employee contract is another of the requirements under current labour laws. The Canadian Visa office will also need to be informed of the intention to travel to Canada and become a foreign worker living here. Applying for caregiver jobs is a process that needs to be carefully approached to ensure success.


Benefits of live in caregiver from our caregiver agency

At Nannies Inc caregiver agency, we understand that incontinence isn’t necessarily a normal part of aging and we have the right remedies to look after this affliction in a sensitive and efficient way.

A daily plan

A good caregiver agency needs to hire people that have a plan for everyday routines when they are dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and our caregiver Canada professionals work on plans that look after the dressing, eating, and bathing needs of our patients. It’s important to remember all of our caregiver applicants go through a screening process where they undergo extensive background checks. This is a key reason to work with our caregiver agency.


Remember all of the candidates from our caregiver agency are well versed in English. They also know how to effectively communicate with older or infirmed patients. They know that a gentle calm voice is always best and they need to wait patiently for responses. As a premiere caregiver agency we also make it clear that instruction needs to be given in lucid and positive way.

Help with dressing

Part of successful dressing routines start with constant repetition. That means starting the procedure at the same time everyday so the client learns to expect it as part of their daily routine. This is a point that we stress with the caregivers from our caregiver agency.

Remember that when you hire one of our people, you’ll get professional help from a qualified caregiver agency that understands the different needs each client has. Some of the other benefits include more time for you and your family to do the other things that are important in your life. As well, we supply only the candidates that meet or surpass Canadian regulations and laws.

One of the other things that you’ll need to know about our caregiver agency process is you need to plan ahead and leave a little time before you can expect a placement. Remember there is paperwork and a screening process for those people coming from overseas and sponsoring one of these candidates can take from five to seven months.