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Nanny Agency

Full time, live-in nanny agency

It goes without saying anyone looking for a nanny agency they can trust wants to be sure the company is reputable. Clients also want to be sure to get the best nanny possible. That’s why people all across Canada come to our nanny agency, Nannies Inc. Here are a few good reasons why you should make our nanny agency your first choice when you’re looking for someone you can trust.

With our nanny agency requirements are covered

Our nanny agency looks after all the federal and local government prerequisites. We have all the necessary experience when it comes to making sure the nanny you select passes through the right channels. This makes sure there are no hassles for you and your family. Our nanny agency has the right professionals on staff. This includes an in-house immigration consultant. Our nanny agency even handles transferring documents to the proper overseas Visa Office.

Here at Nannies Inc nanny agency, we look after the necessary paperwork so you and your family can get on with the really important business of selecting the nanny that’s the perfect fit for your family. Of course one of the most important aspects we look after are the background checks for each candidate. All of our successful applicants understand the need for these since we want to present our valued clients with only the best applicants for any position.

These are essential for filtering out anyone that has a criminal past and/or any allegations of wrongdoing against them. It’s another great way of verifying any of the credentials a potential nanny that’s processing through our system has presented. Our nanny agency has a great track record.

A nanny agency that supplies so much more

Live-in nannies supply a variety of much-needed services including communicating effectively with parents. Nannies from our nanny agency can also supply expert childcare features that encompass reading, task setting, and stimulating your child.

When you’re looking for a nanny agency, we supply a comprehensive service. You can rely on our screening processes whether you need someone to look after your children or an elderly relative. Why not get in touch with us today so we can get started finding you a great match?


Nanny agency benefits of live-in nannies

At Nannies Inc, we take care to provide our clients with only the very best candidates and personalized service for each family’s unique needs.​ Having a nanny gives you peace of mind knowing your family is being taken care of while you’re away from home, by providing meal preparation/cooking, housekeeping & laundry.

Having a nanny means you have someone to help with the early morning hassle of getting the kids up and ready for school, preparing their snacks, and even meeting them at the bus to walk them home. More quality time for you and your loved ones. Our nanny agency provides nannies to take care of all of these tasks.

More flexible than daycare programs. No rushing to pick up the kids from daycare, always someone at home to meet the kids when they get back from school or playdates. Having a nanny means no more relying on your parents and in-laws to babysit. Parents who have good nannies swear by them. They like not having to deal with the politics of using a relative or with daily pickups and drop-offs at a center.

Mornings aren’t particularly stressful at home since you don’t have to bundle your kids out the door, dressed and ready,” says Moira French, a working mom.

With nanny care, your baby stays in familiar surroundings, and she can nap and eat on her own schedule. Plus, she’s exposed to fewer germs and may get sick less often as a result. Some parents also say it’s comforting to know their child doesn’t have to vie with other children for attention as she would in a daycare setting.

Naomi Lang, an architect in Toronto says she was instantly sold on the idea of hiring a nanny because her daughter would get one-on-one care every day. Scheduling can also be more flexible with a nanny than with a daycare center— there may be wiggle room for last-minute changes. If an important meeting pops up at work, for example, you’ll have better luck negotiating with your nanny than you would with a center that closes at the same time every day.